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We have divided book topics
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3. Children's Illnesses

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Guide to Helping Children

This children site is designed to be an educational resource and a guide to solutions for children's medical problems. The focus is on problems that parents can solve on their own, with knowledge and determination to make things better for children. Webpage articles are short descriptions that hopefully will encourage you to read further online, order printed books, and/or download eBooks - the quickest, least expensive way to obtain reliable information.

You can learn the basics of infant feeding and learn more about feeding children.

You can review some ideas about parenting.

You can learn more about behavior and learning problems

Some Specific Topics

Nose Problems
Coughs and Colds
Middle Ear Problems
Respiratory Tract and Food
Bladder & Kidney Problems
Digestive Problems
Leg Pains
Tonsils & Lymph Nodes
Eczema & Hives
Milk Allergy

This website is an educational resource, designed to encourage parents, teachers and even physicians to take a problem -solving approach to restoring children to health. As much as we wish we hada team on call to help families in distress, we cannot offer medical services online or by phone. We encourage you to read further online, order printed books, and/or download eBooks - the quickest, least expensive way to obtain reliable information.

Helping Children Website was developed by Alpha Education, a division of Environmed Research Inc. Sechelt, B.C., Canada. Online Since 1995. Experts in Self-Managed Care. Experts in Elemental Nutrient Formulas. Feeding Children and Children and Family were written by Stephen Gislason MD. The latest editions were released in 2015. The Alpha Nutrition Program is required reading when diet revision is required to solve children's diseases. Alpha Nutrition is a registered trademark of Environmed Research Inc.

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Managing Food Allergy
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  Immunology Notes
Managing Inflammatory Arthritis
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Skin in Health and Disease

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