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Asthma in Children

Asthma is increasing world-wide and higher numbers of deaths from asthma in affluent countries worry authorities. The Center for Disease Control in Canada reported a threefold increase of asthmatic deaths over 20 years, mostly in teenagers and young adults.

Asthma causes and treatment

  1. Asthma is allergy until proven otherwise.
  2. Allergy comes from airborne and food sources.
  3. Solve asthma by improving air quality
  4. Solve food allergy by doing diet revision.
  5. Use drugs if avoidance measures fail.

The three basic treatment choices are

  1. Remove the Cause of Asthma
  2. Treat the symptoms
  3. Alter the host to be more tolerate of the causes

Food Sources Food allergy can cause both immediate and delayed patterns of asthma. Immediate food reactions can cause sudden, dramatic and life-threatening asthma is one of the consequences of anaphylactic reactions to food. Delayed patterns of food allergy can cause chronic asthma and/or bronchitis and are among the most neglected causes of chronic "intrinsic" asthma. More About Food Sources

Infection: Every child every year will have one or more viral infections of the respiratory tract. Most are mild and short-lived. Some children develop breathing difficulties with wheezing during a viral infection and may need hospitalization.

Remove the original cause

Consider asthma to be an allergic disease and look at the air and food supplies for the triggers of asthma. Here is a simple problem-solving approach:

If asthmatic, then

  1. Stop all smoking and association with smokers
  2. Stop all use of volatile chemicals
  3. If attacks of asthma are intermittent and related to airborne exposures then avoid the exposure or wear air-purifying filters when exposed and/or use preventive medications
  4. If asthma attacks are seasonal and related to plant cycles, then get allergy tests and consider using preventive medication. If pollen allergy is the main and only cause of asthma, consider immunotherapy.
  5. If asthma is chronic and tends to occur in all seasons and is not related to airborne exposure, then consider delayed pattern food allergy as the cause and do diet revision usingAlpha Nutrition.

More About Air Sources

A comprehensive management plan will include solving the food allergy problem, solving airborne allergy and toxicity, and providing the right medication, at the right doses and at the right time when preventive efforts fail. The most serious airborne problems at home are cigarette smoke, dust, molds, and house dust mites.

It is always necessary to correct food problems by complete diet revision using the the Alpha Nutrition Program. A children's rescue starter pack combines this program with the book Feeding Children with a 500 Gram jar of Alpha ENF, our complete nutrition, food replacement formula. You can order a Children's Starter Pack and add the Book of Breathing for complete instructions. You can try the Alpha ENF. Find out if your child will accept the formula in juice so that his or her nutrition can be safely supplemented. Then decide when you are ready to begin. Advanced readers will want to read the Book of Allergy and Immunology.

See the book, Air and Breathing for detailed information about airborne infection, air quality and airborne hazards at home. The mechanisms of asthma are discussed and drug treatments reviewed. Order Air and Breathing or Download eBook

Food allergy and asthma is discussed in the book, Feeding Children